Welcome to BlueMoon Vizslas!

About BlueMoon -
Our kennel name came about when someone said that dogs like Cali only come along once in a Blue Moon - and they are correct! We hope to cultivate the natural ability, drive and trainability that Cali exemplifies in our future dogs.

There is a litter being planned for the spring of 2021. The test breeding for this pedigree can be seen here: Vizsla Database. This breeding is very special to us, as it will incorporate Barben and Bluemoon dogs - Barben Vizslas (Barbara Zahn) was our original mentor in the breed and we are proud to be able to continue her legacy in this much-anticipated breeding. As always, both parents will be OFA tested for hips, elbows and cardiac disease. 

*We are actively working to add our current dogs to the website - it's a work in progress, so please check back frequently!*

We believe that the Vizsla is more than a Dual Dog – it is a dog that can do anything: hunt, show, compete in obedience, be a pet or be a hiking buddy; therefore, we title our dogs in conformation - to demonstrate structural soundness, in field trials - to demonstrate range and ability to handle pressure, in hunt tests -to demonstrate birdiness and biddability, and in obedience -to demonstrate a good mind, biddability and ability to function outside of a bird field.

Health testing is important to us - we health test for hip/elbow dysplasia, cardiac function, CERF and thyroid function.

We participate actively in conformation, Rally Obedience, obedience, field trials and hunt tests. We are active in our local Vizsla club (Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta) which is also a great resource for new puppy owners in the Atlanta area.


Vizslas are a love story for us. We can’t imagine life without them – without the laughter, entertainment and enjoyment that they bring to us. They’re a special breed that loves to please, loves to be with their people (no matter what!) and loves to work – can’t ask for more than that from a dog.

Our dogs are all house dogs, and we spend most weekends training, hiking or camping with them. They sleep in our bedroom, go to coffee with us and often accompany us to work. They’re a part of the family, while also being competitive in many events. The “Velcro” dog personality of a Vizsla lends itself to them showing up in the bed (even though there are rules about that!), in the bathroom when you’re showering and ‘helping’ with cleaning and home repair projects.

Summer, Dude, Milli & Cali - 2019

Cali (Barben's Chianti CD RA MH) Feb. 2013
 Lizzy (Barben's Dizzy Miss Lizzy) going WB/BW/BOB - May 2013.
Robby  (Barben's Rob Roy SH )& Cali (Barben's Chianti CD RA MH) - April 2012    
Summer (Barben's Summer Fling) - retrieving, August 2012